Full-stack web development with C# and WebAssembly

Build a Web UI with C#

Blazor is an experimental .NET web framework using C# and HTML that runs in the browser.

Full-stack .NET

Do full-stack .NET development using stable and consistent tools, languages, and APIs both in the browser and on the server.

Runs in all browsers and implements .NET Standard

Blazor runs in all browsers on the real .NET runtime with full support for .NET Standard. Blazor requires no plugins and no code transpilation, only open web standards.

Native performance with WebAssembly

Blazor runs on WebAssembly, giving you native performance in the browser and a trusted security sandbox.

Native browser apps

Easily interact with your existing JavaScript code, your favorite libraries, and any browser API through JavaScript interop.

Simple and productive

Get started fast and remain productive with project templates, great tooling, and reusable components.

Get involved

Join the community that's building Blazor, writing documentation, building samples, and more!

Open-source & free

Blazor is part of the open-source .NET platform that has a strong community of over 25,000 contributors from over 1,700 companies.